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Formulated Ethanol Solutions LLC was founded in 2019 by Brian Makela, a food & beverage entrepreneur, after working for Campbell’s Soup Company, Nestle Confections & Snacks and Diageo in various technical leadership roles. Fit-for-purpose product development services including: concept development, liquid commercialization, packaging commercialization, procurement, analytical testing, regulatory, legal, manufacturing and distribution.

FES will guide you through the entire process.

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concept development

We create custom, bleeding-edge beverage innovations. With our superior technical expertise, and cutting-edge technology, we create the highest quality beverages for our clients.


Liquid and packaging Concept to Commercialization (C2C) is our expertise. Our team seamlessly scales up concepts to manufacturing-ready products faster than anyone in the Industry, to quality standards that result in award-winning products. Pace and rigor is our competitive advantage.


Our manufacturing network, through Bad Ideas LLC, enables products to be produced with a fit-for-purpose cost-of-goods (CoGS), while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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FES can help you every step of the way!From hatching the idea to putting product on the shelf!

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Via Carota

Via Carota

This is a trendy brand of cocktail inspired by Via Carota, the award-winning West Village restaurant from Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. This beverage’s distinct taste and flavor reflect the warmth, elegance, and exuberance of Via Carota, making it timeless and perpetually contemporary. Their attention to detail and understanding of the beverage ingredients, manufacturing, and consumer trends are attributes valued by customers.

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If you are looking for the best quality Hardwater, i.e., premium spirits + pure water, Blue Bird is the certainly the topmost on the list. It is the perfect balance of whiskey, tequila or vodka paired with ultra purified, hydrating water developed after several years of research. It is therefore a product that was portable, used true 100% high-quality ingredients, and was uncompromising to drink.

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Current Clients

FES employs a virtual network business model to efficiently and effectively innovate, commercialize and manufacture the highest quality beverage products.